Pattern? Or Lies?

There’s this story from 1991…

Without the confession, the case in many instances will never get to court. Homicide victims can’t testify, and other witnesses, out of fondness for or fear of the killer, tend to forget what they saw. Often killers only have to clam up to avoid prison.

But to Kato they talk. How he gets them to is the subject of fierce and frequent debate in courtrooms and jury rooms at 26th and California.

…and this one from 2018:

Many say that defendants who had confessed have no other choice but to accuse police of coercing them — and Kato was an easy target.

For what it’s worth, Chicago has been claiming that people who are arrested make up stories of police torture for nearly a century now. 

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Writer. Formerly civil rights attorney. Currently professor. Working on new book about mental disability and criminal law in the 20th century.

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